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Corporate Vision, Mission and Philosophy


To excel as a leader in product knowledge and the development of new products required by the telecommunications industry


To provide technologies that create telecommunications products that work intelligently and efficiently

To build a strong Malaysian organisation that helps its customers upgrade and expand their business networks profitably and efficiently

To exceed customer expectation through dedication and excellence in quality products and services

Our team of highly talented and skilled individuals at 3OPP share core values and guiding principles which incorporate:

 Integrity :

 Being ethical, dependable and honest in all our dealings with our stakeholders at all times

    Quality :

      Consistently providing the highest level of standards in terms of products and services to our Customers

    Excellent Customer Service :

     Taking responsibility and ownership in delivering our promise to our Customers

    Initiative :

    Being proactive & responsive to our Customers' business needs and providing solutions which gives them a  competitive  edge

   Commitment :

   Working with dedication and urgency

   Teamwork :

  Listening and respecting the views of our partners whom we work with to achieve mutually beneficial  results