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3OPP - Delivering Innovative Broadband Infrastructure Systems

Since its inception in 1991, Three-OPP (M) Sdn Bhd (30PP) has charted remarkable success in the design, manufacture and installation of end-to-end, superior quality broadband infrastructure components and switches for wired and Internet Protocol (IP) based access networks.

These products are currently marketed locally and abroad. 3OPP, a Malaysian company, offers telecommunications service carriers globally the means to provide innovative, efficient and scalable voice, data and internet services through its vast array of world-class network products.

The Company has a comprehensive range of over 600 telecommunications products and components and owns patent rights to some of its products whose innovative designs are registered with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia.

Left to right: Chairman Hj. Rosli Shukor, CEO Mohd Shajahan Iqbal and Founding Chairman & Advisor Dato' Mohamed Iqbal

Today, 3OPP is a well recognised and respected fiber optics and broadband infrastructure systems supplier with offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and United Kingdom.